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Employability Skills

At Global Skills Training we prepare young people to experience and develop an understanding of the world of work. We live in a fast evolving world where we all need more skills than ever before. Two out of three jobs in the future will require a higher level of competence and better qualifications than they do at present.

The world of business need an enthusiastic, hardworking and increasingly computer-literate workforce. We help provide young people with the skills, knowledge and attitude they need to achieve success in the workplace.

The skills should be developed across all curriculum areas, in interdisciplinary studies and in all the contexts and settings where young people are learning. Opportunities to develop skills may be offered in different ways appropriate to learners’ needs; through active learning, interdisciplinary tasks or the experience of learning in practical contexts.

The skills include literacy, numeracy and associated thinking skills; skills for health and wellbeing, including personal learning planning, career management skills, teamwork, physical co-ordination and movement skills; and skills for enterprise and employability.