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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development course at Global Skills

Continuing Professional Development course keeps employees abreast of changes in the workplace

With business confidence increasing, companies who do not value their staff risk losing them to rivals and have to spend time and money recruiting and training replacements. Now is the time for businesses to take action to retain talented employees through training and development thus increasing  job satisfaction and loyalty.

If you agree, so do employees. An “Investors in People” survey showed that 47% of British workers are considering changing jobs in the near future while 24% are unhappy in their present jobs. For dissatisfied employees 63% state that lack of job satisfaction was the main reason for seeking better prospects compared to 48% who cite higher pay as their motive. The survey also showed that 53% of respondents cite employer’s reputation as an attraction for new employees, while 46% say the scope for career advancement and investment in training were pull factors.

Over the years, Global Skills has worked with over 200 employers upskilling their staff. We prioritise our work around employers’ needs and are also able to tailor our courses and training methods to suit employers’ needs. We engage with employers to determine specific areas that need to be improved in terms of knowledge, skills and building confidence of employees in order to accomplish their tasks efficiently and to desired standards.