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Children deserve to be educated and cared for by those with the right abilities and dedication to give them the best start in life. The quality of children’s early years experiences has a powerful effect on their learning and development, well into later schooling. The skills, knowledge, and understanding of staff working with children are critical factors in that equation. A good curriculum well-taught, ensures that those training to enter the early years workforce, and employees already working with infants have the required skill-set.

Children can be supported to develop the right blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. When these are combined with the commitment and passion evident across the sector we can expect to see better outcomes for children, in the early years phase and in their later life as well.

People choose to work with young children and their families for many varied reasons, and come into the profession through different routes. For many, studying for a qualification may be their first experience of working with children. For those already in the sector, studying for a qualification can open new doors, expand horizons and offer new career opportunities.

That is where Global Skills come in, we try to deliver a stronger early years education for our learners. A lot of it is by using our experienced tutors who replicate scenarios as close to reality about children through role-play or via sharing experiences. This has led to creating a highly qualified early learning workforce of skilled, confident and knowledgeable professionals who are child and family-centered.